Grand Raid BCVS

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Informations and elevations of the official route / Grand Raid BCVS : Verbier – Grimentz

The route is the same for the Flying Relay and Official Team.

VerbierGrimentz125 KM5'025 m
NendazGrimentz93 KM3'944 m
HérémenceGrimentz68 KM2'996 m
EvolèneGrimentz37 KM1'845 m

Information to Verbier participants

Warning: Trail modification between la Croix de Coeur and la Tsoumaz.

Watch the vidéo in the news article.

Technical map




Do you want to go for a ride?

New E-Raid category from Evolène and Nax!

To celebrate its jubilee in style, the BCVS Grand Raid is launching a popular tasting tour on the hillside between Evolène and Grimentz.

Rally Grimentz, in hiking mode and gourmet stroll, without going through the Pas de Lona! This new category without a chronometer is particularly suitable for electric VTTs but open to all other VTTs.

Starting from Evolène, the E-Raid trail, with a 1500-metre vertical drop, will enable experienced mountain bikers to reach Grimentz in 55 km. The departure time is flexible and is between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m.

A second departure is scheduled from Nax. A difference in altitude of 900 metres and 30 km will allow anyone to participate to this great celebration. The departure time is also flexible and is between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m.

Take a look to the new route designed especially for the ride and register online.

  • Although this course is not timed, you will receive a bib. The withdrawal of it is on Friday 21.08.19 from 11 to 19h at the place de la Planta, Sion.
  • No Safety-control I is mandatory for this trail.
  • The use of a helmet is mandatory.
  • No electric bicycle rental service is planned. We recommend that you contact one of our partner shops.
  • Runners starting from Evolène have the possibility to bring a 2nd battery, in Sion 21.08.19 the day before the start. The organisation will take care of delivering it to Loye.




Flying Relay


4 people, 4 trails, 4 heights, 1 chrono!

Between friends, team bulding, this new category is for you!

At the start in Verbier, 4 riders will take turns on the course, the relay points are planned on the 3 other existing starts, Nendaz, Hérémence and Evolène.


Raidy Net +

The children’s race in the city centre of Sion!

Born in 2015 or before? Register for the Raidy Net+, a great bike race in the heart of the old town of Sion.

Inscription fees: CHF 15.-

Registration on theDatasport website, by registration form or on the day before the race, Friday 21 August, Place de la Planta, from 11:00 am at the Race office.

The prize ceremony takes place place de la Planta, Sion .



Heure départCatégorieAnnéeTours et Km
17h30Mini U52017 et après1 tour x 972 m = 972 m
17h45Poussin U72015-20162 tours x 972 m = 1944 m
18h00Soft U92013-20142 tours x 1085 m = 2170 m
18h20Cross U112011-20122 tours x 1085 m = 2170 m
18h45Rock U132009-20103 tours X 1509 m = 4527 m
19h15Mega U152007-2008 4 tours x 1509 m =6036 m
20h00Remise des prix et podium

Official Team

The Grand Raid BCVS is pleased to announce that it has become a new partner of Alain Glassey’s MTB team. The team that represents the Valais colours, in races in Switzerland and abroad. From now on, it will be called thePapival Bergamont-Grand Raid BCVS Team.

The HERO Südtirol Dolomites, the MB Race in France, the BCVS Grand Raid in Switzerland and the Forestière in France have decided to join forces to launch a brand new challenge: the MTB Alpine Cup.
These 4 major races have in fact a common geographical denominator: the alpine arc.
The objective is to highlight our territories through 4 exceptional races. These 4 events offer participants the opportunity to discover 4 extraordinary playgrounds around the most beautiful alpine massifs.