Recognition days


Explore the Grand Raid BCVS trails and its regions throughout the summer season!

The purpose of its product is to enhance the potential of the Grand Raid BCVS during the summer and to highlight the regions crossed by the race outside big day.

Interested people can explore the trail and the stations crossed and stay a night.



Discover Evolène’s trails to Grimentz
part of the legendary Grand Raid BCVS route over a day.

SATURDAY 11 th OR SUNDAY 12 th JULY 2020
SATRUDAY 25 th OR SUNDAY 26 th JULY 2020

Registration deadline: 1 week before

Price: 89.- CHF

The price includes: guides, transport by post bus and a lunch.

The price includes: guides, transport by post bus and a lunch.

For any additional information and advice on housing or infrastructure offered in the resorts, contact: info@grand-raid-bcvs.ch

Tourist offices of the crossed regions

LieuTéléphoneE-mailSite internet
Verbier Tourisme+41 27 775 38 88verbier@v-sb.chwww.verbier.ch
Tzoumaz Tourisme+41 27 305 16 00latzoumaz@v-sb.chwww.verbier.ch
Nendaz Tourisme+41 27 289 55 89info@nendaz.chwww.nendaz.ch
Veysonnaz Tourisme+41 27 207 10 53info@veysonnaz.chwww.veysonnaz.ch
Thyon Région Tourisme+41 27 281 27 27info@thyon-region.chwww.thyon.ch
Heremence Tourisme+41 27 281 15 33heremence@valdherens.chwww.thyon.ch
Evolene Tourisme+41 27 283 40 00evolene-region@valdherens.chwww.evolene-region.ch
St-Martin Tourisme+41 27 281 24 74info@saint-martin.chwww.saint-martin-tourisme.ch
Anniviers Tourisme+41 27 476 17 00grimentz@anniviers.chwww.grimentz-stjean.ch
Sion Tourisme+41 27 327 77 27info@siontourisme.chwww.siontourisme.ch