Hérémence - Grimentz 68 km


24 AUGUST 2024




68 KM


2996 M

34th Grand Raid BCVS

Grand Raid BCVS, Swiss Moutain Bike Race Marathon has been thrilling bikers since 1990. This marathon will take you from Verbier to Grimentz. It is renowned as one of the most challenging mountain bike races in the world. Located in the heart of the Valais Alps, in an alpine playground, the route crosses various valleys, culminating in the Pas de Lona, at over 2,700m.

Data sheet

Distance : 68 km

Vertical Rise : 2’996 m

Start : Hérémence (1237 m)

Finish : Grimentz (1553 m)

Number of feed stops : 6


Route map

Start time

From Hérémence

Hérémence - Grimentz
Dossards 3000 - 4000Départ 6h15
Dossards 5000Départ 6h30
e-Bike Hérémence Départ 6h45

Neutralization time

For safety reasons, riders who fail to pass the compulsory checkpoints during the race will be neutralized.

The organization retains the right to change the neutralization hours according to weather conditions and for the necessity of the event in case of major force.

VeysonnazHérémenceMandelonÉvolèneEisonLa Vieille
11h0011h3013h0014h0015h00 *16h00 *


Hérémence 68 km
Juniors2007 - 2009
Hommes 1995 - 2006
Seniors 11985 - 1994
Seniors 21975 - 1984
Seniors 31965 - 1974
Seniors 41964 et +
Dames1995 - 2009
Dames 11994 et +
Equipe2009 et +
Tandem2009 et +
VTT e-Bike2009 et +

e-bike category

The e-bike route is identical to the official route, with the addition of the Pas de Lona.


  • Batteries can only be changed at the technical stations along the route, in the same places as the refreshment points.
  • You can bring your battery to the race office when you pick up your number.
  • These will be deposited at the following stations: Evolène and/or Eison. You can pick them up in Grimentz at the end of the day or at the Grand Raid BCVS office the following Monday.
  • There is no podium for this category.

Friday 23 August 2024

Sion – Place de la Planta


Grand Raid BCVS