Technical control


Friday, August 21 2020, from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m.

Sion, Place de la Planta (for all participants)


Participants must submit their bikes to technical control. This check can be done BEFORE the bib distribution to our Partners Check Point stores (list below), and a maximum of 15 days before the race. A rider who is unable to present his bike to one of the partner’s store either because he is a foreigner or because there is none in his area can still check in Sion on the Friday before the race.

All participants must provide the validation signed by the affiliatedstore,to collect his bib the day before the race, Friday, 21.08.2019 in Sion,Place de la Planta, from 11 am to 7 p.m.

All participants must come in Sion to remove their bib, including those registered at Verbier. There is no more bibs distribution in Verbier.

The technical assistance present on the race during the race is maintained and remains unchanged.


Shops partners check-point


These stores check the safety of your bike for free. The certificate is only given if the bike doesn’t represent any risk for your safety (brakes, general condition). Any other malfunction of the bike doesn’t concern the technical control (speeds, tires, pedals, etc.). All other services will be charged.

We strongly recommend you take a look at this list in order to maximize your chances by riding on a bike.

Do you have a bike shop and are interested in becoming Check Point Partners of the Grand Raid BCVS ?

Please contact us at :

Check Point Partners Valais

Check Point Partners Vaud

Check Point Partners Fribourg

Castella Sports SABulle
Cycles PacheAvry sur Matran
Cycles PassionBulle
Cycles TesagCorcelles-près-Payerne
Dupasquier SportsVuadens
Menoud BikeGivisiez
Pro Cycles AssociésPayerne
Velo-Ski ServiceBroc
Sports Aventures SARomont
Cycles ChiffelleRomont

Check Point Partners Neuchâtel

Passion VéloChaux-de-Fonds
La Bicycletterie Peseux
Cycles Prof LuthiSt-Blaise
Frenetic BikesBevai
Sudero CyclesLe Landeron
Zanetta SportsColombier
Gerald Rochat Cycles & MotosLe Sentier
Bike Point City Green SarlFleurier
Le VélotierCouvet

Check Point Partners Jura

Nom Lieu
Cycles RefoussPorrentruy
Boillat R. CyclesPorrentruy
Joliat CyclesCourtételle
Boillat R. CyclesLe Noirmont
Bicycleddy SarlDelémont
Bike InvadaCharmoille
E-space vélos JuraDevelier

Check Point Partners Berne

Alouettes CyclesBévilard
Big Friends AGThoune
Garage Vuillemier SarlTavannes

Check Point Partners Genève

Hot Point CyclingGenève
Cycle AddictsGenève

Check Point Partners in Europe

Velovita Rad SportWeissenburg, BayernAllemagne
Adrian's bikeNivelle, WallonieBelgique
Cycles WheelCrémieux, IsèreFrance

Departure times / Bibs

Verbier - Grimentz
Dossards 1 - 1900Départ 6h30
Nendaz - Grimentz
Dossards 2000Départ 6h30
Hérémence - Grimentz
Dossards 3000Départ 6h15
Dossards 4000Départ 6h15
Dossards 5000Départ 6h30
Dossards 6000Départ 6h45
Evolène - Grimentz
Dossards 7000Départ 7h30
Rando e-RaidDépart à définir
Dossards 4301-4306
Départ 7h00
Dossards 7501-7510
Départ 7h15


The cable car of Le Châble is free of charge on Saturday morning from 5:00 am for runners only.

Neutralization – schedules


Runners who have not passed the control crossing points on the race will be neutralized for safety reasons.

VeysonnazHérémenceMandelonÉvolèneEisonLa Vieille
11h0011h3013h0014h0015h00 *16h00 *

The organization retains the right to change the neutralization hours according to weather conditions and for the necessity of the event in case of major force.


Car Postal

To enjoy your Grand Raid BCVS race, use special transport by bus!

CarPostal, the official transport, mobilizes important resources to transport the runners and their equipment in optimal conditions. Large trailers repatriate VTT safely, without disassembly. Protective cartons are added between each bike. Despite all these measures, CarPostal doesn’t accept any responsibility for damages or bicycle thefts.

All packages include bicycles and personal equipment transport.

So don’t hesitate to take out one of the transport packages, payable at the same time as the registration.

Departure times – Postal Car


Friday, August 21, 2020

Departure by bus to Verbier: Stade de Tourbillon, Rue des Echutes, Sion.


Sion’s timetable at departures

Bus departures: Tourbillon Stadium, Rue des Echutes, Sion.

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Départ e-raid

Regular Bus Postal schedules

Bus departures: Sion station


Schedules / Return to Grimentz

Evolène -GrimentzHérémence - GrimentzSt-Martin - Grimentz
Dès 14h00Dès 12h30Dès 17h30
Départ lorsque le bus est complet.

Warning : these schedules are indicative and can be changed! Buses don’t leave
Grimentz only when enough passengers are on board.


Schedules / Grimentz in Sion and strating point

SionHérémence / Evolène / NendazVerbier
Dès 15h00
Selon remplissage du bus
Dès 15h00
Selon remplissage du bus
Dès 17h30
Selon remplissage du bus
Dernier départ
Dernier départ
Dernier départ

Warning : these schedules are indicative and can be changed! Buses don’t leave
Grimentz only when enough passengers are on board.


Forfait TransportPrix

Forfait au départ vendredi et retour à Sion
Vendredi soir transport en car postal de Sion à destination de Verbier.
Samedi transport retour de Grimentz à Sion ou Verbier.

CHF 50.-

Forfait au départ samedi matin et retour à Sion
Samedi matin transport en car postal de Sion à destination de votre lieu de départ.
Samedi transport retour de Grimentz à Sion ou sur votre lieu de départ.
Pour Verbier, uniquement le vendredi soir

CHF 50.-

Forfait aller simple samedi Evolène, Nendaz, Hérémence
Samedi matin transport en car postal de Sion à destination de Nendaz, Hérémence ou Evolène.

CHF 22.-

Forfait aller simple vendredi Verbier
Vendredi soir transport en car postal de Sion à destination de Verbier

CHF 30.-

Forfait retour
Samedi transport retour de Grimentz à Sion ou sur votre lieu de départ

CHF 40.-



On the race, you will find several refuelling stations including :

Barres céréalesCitronsBoisson Isotonique
Barres énergétiquesOrangesEau
PainKiwisThé froid
FromagePommesCoca Cola
BananesBouillonLimonade Grapefruit



Accommodation Grand Raid BCVS

  • The BIG RIDE concept is propose special offers including the overnight stay with half board and pedestrian pass for lifts for a special price. More info and booking
  • Hotel Le Chamois sets up a great offer with breakfast served at the desired time for 80.-CHF in a single room and 160.-CHF in a a double room. More info and booking
  • Mont Fort Swiss lodge is located in the Châble, in the cable car building that takes you to Verbier (this one is free and open from 5 am to 6.15 am on the Saturday morning of the race). More info and booking
  • Chateau Swiss SA offers several accommodation options in Verbier (hotels, chalets, apartments, etc.) from CHF 100.- per person. Contact: / ’41 27 565 40 83.
  • Camping: You can find the Champsec and Sembrancher campsites in the region. A few places are allowed next to the cabin cable’s parking of the Châble (Pl. de Téléverbier)

More information on the website of the tourist office of Verbier.


Nendaz offers accommodation from the guest room to the four-star hotel to spend a nice night before the departure of the Grand Raid.

Nendaz Tourism will inform you about the possibilities offered to you.

Nendaz Tourism

Rte de la Télécabine 1

1997 Haute-Nendaz

Phone : 027 289 55 89


Heremence is 25 minutes from Sion, the capital of Valais where there are many accomodation options and from where buses organised by the Grand Raid BCVS depart to get to the start of the race on Saturday morning.

  • Civil Protection Shelter in Hermence village. Book a bed – breakfast with the tourist office Hérémence for the modest sum of 20.- CHF.

Booking OT Heremence: or +41 27 281 15 33

More information: Tourist Office HérémenceCOMMUNE-HEREMENCE. CH


Evolene, start village and elected the most beautiful village in Swiss Romandie, its authenticity, its traditions, its gastronomy, welcomes you with joy during the Grand Raid.

You will have an opportunity to spent a beautiful night in the accommodation of the region before the adventure.

  • Hotel Ibisoffers BCVS Grand Raid riders a 10% discount on the night and breakfast on presentation of the race number.
  • The hôtel Eliteoffers a preferential rate for the nights of August 21-22 during the BCVS Grand Raid. . The breakfast costs CHF 13.-
  • The city of Sion offers a multitude ofhotelsand campsitesaccording to your budget.

Plus d’informations sur le site de l’office du tourisme de Sion.

Sion Région:


  • La Grande Maison est une boutique-hôtel romantique et de charme, restaurant & théâtre à Chandoline, Savièse

Transport de bagages


Les bagages et affaires personnelles munis d’une étiquette comportant le numéro de votre dossard, seront entreposés dans un bus sur le lieu de départ, puis amenés à Grimentz à côté du parc à vélo. Bags are stored by starting point.

Le comité d’organisation n’est en aucun cas responsable des pertes ou des vols de vos affaires personnelles.

Objets perdus: veuillez contacter le bureau du Grand Raid BCVS quelques jours après la course ou éventuellement l’Office du Tourisme de Grimentz.